The Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) recently embarked on a District Roadshow. Headed by Councillor Daniel Montoedi, the unit visited communities of Ventersdorp, Tlokwe, Matlosana and Maqwassi Hills Local Municipalities respectively. The roadshow sought to verify, discuss and inspect the progress of development projects funded by Dr KKDM, which took place in their areas during the 2012/13 Financial year.


Although the larger participation was meant for the ordinary citizen, ward councilors and ward committee members were the main role players who assisted the MPAC collective to gather relevant and accurate information related to service delivery matters within the district community.


The Dr Kenneth Kaunda District MPAC is a unit comprising of councilors from local municipalities of Tlokwe City Council, City of Matlosana, Ventersdorp and Maqwassi Hills who have been seconded to serve in the District Council.


The main purpose of the MPAC is to exercise oversight over the executive functionaries of council and to ensure good governance in the municipality. This will include oversight over municipal entities. In order for the MPAC to fulfill this oversight role, it needs to be provided with the necessary information and documentation to interrogate the actions of the executive. This is guided by Section 129 of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) Act No.56 of 2003.


MPAC Visits District Community article

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