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Private Bag X 5017, Klerksdorp, 2570, Tel: +27 18 473 8000, Fax: +27 18 473 2938

Website: www.kaundadistrict.gov.za, Civic Center, Patmore Road, Orkney






On the 20 November 2015 a Sinkhole developed in Stilfontein within the N12 Reserve. The DR Kenneth Kaunda District Disaster Management took action as directed by the Executive Mayor on 24/11/2014 and appointed Geotechnical Expects to conduct Preliminary Assessments on the affected area.This led to the closure of the N12 by SANRAL on 11 December 2015. Nearby communities and residents were duly informed and sensitized about the situation via mass media and other forms of communication and urged to remain calm.


As at 22 January 2016

The initial Geotechnical investigation was completed and the way forward defined towards the rehabilitation of the sinkhole. Relevant responsible parties were identified for further action. For the time being, the N12 will remain closed to allow access for the further work to commence. However, an alternative and shorter detour for traffic from Potchefstroom to Klerksdorp is being investigated and will be implemented very soon.The DRKKDM and the City of Matlosana have a thorough understanding of the disruption and inconvenience caused by the incident. We would like to thank all our residents, the business community for their understanding and further urge them to remain patient during this temporary measure.All efforts are being made to fast track the rehabilitation process in order to re-open the road as soon as possible.


Indications are that it will take approximately four to five months for the sinkhole to be fully rehabilitated, depending on conditions encountered beneath the surface on site, the availability of funds and cooperation between all relevant stakeholders. According to reliable research, there is no need for panic when living on dolomite when it is well managed. However, it is always necessary to be vigilant at all times. The following precautionary measures should be taken care of:


  • Water should not be allowed to pond for long periods
  • Leaking pipes should be fixed immediately
  • Groundwater should not be abstracted/sidetracked uncontrolled
  • Signs of subsidence or sinking should be identified and attended to immediately


It is worth noting here that the Dr. KK DM embarked on a regional Dolomite Risk Management Program since 2015, which gives a better understanding of where dolomite is present and its conditions. Once completed in full (2016/17), it will assist the local municipalities within the district to manage the risk pro-actively by implementing management and mitigation measures through a Dolomite Risk Management Strategy and –Plan. Once more we thank all the residents of Stilfontein in particular and all road users on the N.12 for their patience and understanding and further reassure them of our commitment to resolving this problem in the shortest possible time. We thank all stakeholders who have worked around the clock since this incident to make sure that we reach this stage.
Thank you for your presence, ladies and gentlemen. 


Issued by: Office of the Executive Mayor
For further inquiries, please contact Chief of Staff, Mr Zandi Mweli on 018-473 8000 or 071 434 8782


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Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda

Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda - Father of Peace, Ghandi of Africa
dr kaunda

Kenneth David Kaunda (born 1924), first president of Zambia, was a leading figure in his country's independence movement. Until he stepped down in 1991, he maintained his critical position as the leader of a buffer country between white-ruled states in southern Africa and hostile, independent black-ruled states to the north.



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