Speaking to the community during a brief visit to the area, Councillor Moloi said there was a need to improve the standard of living and basic services in rural areas such as habitable shelter, proper sanitation, electricity and water.


“There is a need for more research and information on around issues concerning education, social welfare, health and other important essential services. Today the district commits to bring development to this area as there is an urgent necessity for development,” said Councillor Moloi.


Towards the end of 2009 the Executive Mayor, through her Special Project initiative set aside funds totaling R10 million to oppose acute development challenges facing rural areas. Part of the budget has already improved the lives of the Baitshoki CPA, a small farming community in the Buffeldoorn Area after the delivery of 25 housing units, solar street lights, water and VIP toilets.


These developments come up against the reality of challenges faced by the District in response to depressed rural areas as part of the Rural Development initiative as articulated by first citizen of South Africa President Jacob Zuma during his last year’s State of the Nation Address.

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