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Ladies & Gentlemen


Compatriots and Friends


I am greatly humbled and honoured by this opportunity to welcome you all to this important District gathering on moral regeneration and social cohesion.


We meet here a day after the State of the Nation Address by President Jacob Zuma in parliament last night which provided an account of the progress made by government over the past 12 months as well as the outline of government’s priorities for the year ahead.


The launch of the District Moral Regeneration Forum offers an important instrument in our collective fight against moral decay and social ills currently afflicting our nation.

In the last few weeks since the dawn of the new year, our country has experienced a bitter taste of what happens when the human spirit and moral conscience of people is overcome by evil.


The appalling and cruel rape, torture and murder of a young 17-year old girl from Bredasdorp in the Western Cape, Anene Booysen has not only shocked our nation but has also exposed the ugly side of life in South Africa and the bitter reality of abuse that our women and children are daily subjected to.


During the first weekend of February, an 11-year-old girl from the village of Mmakau near Ga-Rankuwa was kidnapped and murdered. Right here in our own backyard, a 10-year old baby girl was raped by her uncle in Kanana township, sending shock waves throughout our district and the North West.


All decent men and women need to stand together and add their voices to the groundswell of of revulsion against those who in our various townships, rural ghettoes and suburban homes  - believe it is somehow okay to have their waywith defenceless and innocent women and children


As a District, we appreciate the intention and will by our government to bring back specialised courts that deal with sexual offences as a positive step in the right direction. This will not only ensure that the perpetrators of sexual crimes face justice, but will also guarantee that justice is meted out more swiftly without delay.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen


Your presence here today representing various sectors and stakeholders in society as well as municipalities in our district is an indication of your willingness to be part of abroad partnership aimed at reclaiming the moral and ethical values  of our nation, including that of our district as well.


The DRKKDM is committed to playing a cutting-edge role in mobilising and harnessing awide body of stakeholders towards developing a more humane and caring society through the revival of the Ubuntu-Botho spirit. We seek to attain the realization of the moral values enshrined in the Freedom Charter and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.


The District Forum we are launching today will help us develop and co-ordinate a District-wide programme towards building a just, tolerant and moral type of society where we live and for the common good of all the people of our District, black and white, united their diversity.


The District forum should of necessity provide support to local forums in the implementation of  local-specific programmes. It must provide a framework for collaborationamong the different sectors and the different municipal tiers.


The training of local forums taking place today is also a significant step in capacitating and enhancing the work of moral regeneration and social cohesion in all localities of our esteemed district.


We urge all stakeholders to show commitment and seriousness in taking forward the noble mission of the Moral Regeneration Forums at at local and district level. We all have a duty to galvanize the rest of society behind the partnership to build cohesive and morally sound communities which in turn will promote positive lifestyles among young and old citizens of our esteemed district.


On behalf of the DRKKDM, I now officially welcome you all to this important gathering and wish you fruitful discussions.


Lo Amogetswe lothle Bagaetsho


I thank you.

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