office of the mayor

departmental functions

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is a district Municipality that oversees 3 local municipalities ans is run by the Executive Council (EXCO). The Executive Committee is made out of Six Members who head Portfolio Committees of Council including the Mayor as the Chairperson. The portfolio Committees are:

** Planning & Development
** Community Services and Public Safety
** Local Economic Development
** Infrastructure & Technical Services
** Finance (Budget & Treasury Office) and Corporate Services

The current EXCO was established in 2016 after Local Government Elections.

The Office of the Mayor directly administers Special Projects Programmes which have desks administering them, i.e. HIV/ AIDS, Youth, Senior Citizens (Elderly), people with Disability, Women and Children. The Office of the Mayor works with all relevant stakeholders for outreach programmes.

The Office of the Mayor oversees overall legislation responsibilities assigned to the Mayor for accountability purposes. DKKDM's Mayor Cllr. B.E Mosiane-Segotso is supported by the Municipal Manager, Mrs S.M Lesupi as the head of Administration.

Cllr. Barei Elizabeth Mosiane-Segotso




about the Mayor.


With a revered journey as a scholar, student, employee and a political figure, she marks a significant milestone and a victory for women as a leader. She is among the first of the few women in the province to ascend the positions of whip, Speaker and Executive Mayor in different Municipalities, Local and District level.

A proud Motswana, she was born in Ikageng Township, Tlokwe, North West (Formerly Western Transvaal) on 08 March 1956. She completed high school education in 1978 at Baitshoki High School, Itsoseng Township in the now defunct Bophuthatswana Bantustan regime. An avid devotee of education, she joined the workforce a year later to serve the community of Oudedorp at a local farm school in the Potchefstroom District as a private teacher until 1989.
Her thirst for knowledge ultimately lured her to study further with among qualifications in her possession including Municipal Management, Environmental Management, Division for Education Traffic Safety (NWU Potchefstroom Campus 1997).
Her political career took off in the late 1970’s as a member of Deputy Secretary of the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL). She was also an active member of the federation of South African Women (FEDSAW) through organizing woman structures for myriad sectors against the apartheid administration in 1984.
Among roles she played in the tumultuous political era in the Western Transvaal until the present moment as Executive Mayor of the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality (Dr KKDM), she served as South African Communist Party (SACP) Tlokwe Ward 14 Branch Chairperson for 19 years (1988 – 2007); ANC Tlokwe Ward 14 Deputy Secretary (1992 - 1994); Board Member Malibongwe National (1996 – 1998) and ANC Provincial Executive Committee Member (2011 – 2014).
Alderman Mosiane – Segotso has served as council at Tlokwe City Council (Now NW 405) representing the ANC from 5 December 2000. Her positions take account of representative at Southern District Municipality (now Dr KKDM in 2000 – 2004), fulltime whip of Council (Tlokwe City Council 2004 – 2006 and 2006 – 2011), Speaker of Council (Tlokwe City Council 2011 - 2016). As an honour to serve as loyal member in local Government Council for more than 20years, she was conferred to Aldermanship Status, which made her a Member of Borough Council (Next in status to the Mayor).
Her participation in community empowerment, such as being a Board Member of the Potchefstroom Hospital, coupled with other committee deployments by the ANC to advance community involvement in public institution governance. All these credentials have earned her the capability to serve in local government with integrity and solid accountability to the entire district community.


Invite the Mayor.

The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality.

How to invite the Mayor to your event.

** Invites should reach the Mayor’s Office at least four weeks prior to the event. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your invite upon receipt of the invite.
** The Office will confirm the Mayor’s attendance to the event seven working days prior to the event.
** Due to a very busy schedule it is not possible for the Mayor to attend every event that she is invited to.
** All invitations must state the date, time, venue and the objective of the event
** Please indicate what the Mayor is required to do at the event, for example, Welcome address, keynote address, handing over trophies, etc.

Submit your invitations as follows: