office of the speaker

departmental functions


The key principles underlying the role of the Speaker are:

** Chair of council meetings;
** Implementation of the Code of Conduct; and
** Exercise of delegated functions including facilitating public participation in legislative matters;
** Establishment and functioning of ward committees and support to councillors.

Cllr. Diketso Patrick Masiu




about the speaker.


The authentic loyalty to community service from the 1980’s a learner, student and later on in the 1990’s as an employee propelled his passion to serve his country through the hardship points to the purpose why the community of the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District entrusted him with the responsibility of being Speaker of Council.

A humbly servant of the people, he was born in Ipelegeng Township, near Schweizer-Reneke in the then Western Transvaal on November 3, 1965. He received his secondary education at Tshedimosetso Secondary School in Klerksdorp. He then went on to work for a short stint as a taxi-driver and later as a field worker as Klerksdorp Mmabana satellite centre under the directorship of the late struggle veteran Sylvia “Mamza” Benjamin.
In 2007, he assumed full-time employment as the provincial Organiser of the South African Communist Party until his deployment as a councillor after August 3, 2016 local government elections. He completed a Higher Certificate in Economic Development wit the University of Western Cape (UWC), and later proceeded to acquire and an Advanced Diploma in Public Administration with the same institution.
Masiu cut his politic teeth in the youth movement during the roaring eighties a member of the Ipelegeng Youth Congress (IYC) under South African youth Congress (SAYCO), an affiliate of the United Democratic Front (UDF). He became an active member of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) after its re-launch in 1990. It was in the same epoch that he became a member of the African National Congress and went on to become the chairperson of the ANC Alabama Branch from 2005 – 2006. From 2009 – 2011 he served as a member of the ANC reginal Task-Team in Dr Kenneth Kaunda District.
He joined the South African Communist Party (SACP) in 1992, and has served at various leadership levels such as a Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) member of the SACP. He devotes his energy towards the study of Marxist-Leninist theory which enables him to focus primarily on the political, organisational and ideological development of branches though the North West Province.
Masiu also spent some time in the trade union movement, organising Arts and Culture sector, as a shop steward and deputy local chairperson of SACCAWU whilst employed at Mmabana. His love and dedication to the poor and downtrodden in society has seen him working closely with various trade unions affiliated to COSATU during his tenure as SACP provincial Organiser, particularly in the field of campaigns and political education. He serves as a board member of the North West Geographical Name Change Council (NWPGNC).
In 2003, he travelled to the People’s Republic of China to participate in an Internal Exchange Programme between the Communist Party of China and the South African Communist Party (SACP). He was again in the party delegation to meet with the Botswana National Front (BNF) in Lobatse Botswana in 2015.
Masiu bring massive political experience to the local government sphere and unwavering commitment to the socio-economic development. His latest role as Speaker of council of Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality. His interest is to entrench meaningful public participation on the affairs of local government for the benefit of citizens within the jurisdiction.


Invite the speaker.

The Speaker welcomes invitations to attend events in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality.

How to invite the Speaker to your event.

** Invites should reach the Speaker’s Office at least four weeks prior to the event. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your invite upon receipt of the invite.
** The Office will confirm the Speaker’s attendance to the event seven working days prior to the event.
** Due to a very busy schedule it is not possible for the Speaker to attend every event that she is invited to.
** All invitations must state the date, time, venue and the objective of the event
** Please indicate what the Speaker is required to do at the event, for example, Welcome address, keynote address, handing over trophies, etc.

Submit your invitations as follows: